Super fast on-demand image resizing for your website

Do you have a website with lots of product images in different sizes?

For instance:

Less images

Seriously reduce the number of images stored on your servers. Just storing the full size image is sufficient.

Resize on-demand

Use your product images in any size you need them. The Sizr service instantly resize your images, on demand.

Fast delivery

Speed up your website through faster image downloads. Sizr delivers all resized images through Amazon's world-wide delivery network.

How does Sizr work?

The Sizr service works by requesting the original, full size image from its' source location (e.g. your own server), then re-sizing it dynamically based on user-configurable profiles, finally delivering it through a world-wide content delivery network. To make this super-fast, caching is done at several levels.

Who is using Sizr?

Currently, Sizr is in beta, but the service is already being used by 3 clients for live products and websites.